Progress in Optofluidics: Fusion of Optical Control and Photonics in Microfluidics

The objective of this COST Action is to foster connections among research facilities specializing in micro and optofluidics, optical tweezers, nanoscience, and photonics, with a focus on advancing lab-on-a-chip systems and promoting the continual growth of these fields throughout Europe. The primary aim is to enhance understanding in fundamental physics and biology at the micro- and nano-scale levels, leading to the development of next-generation lab-on-a-chip devices that are not only portable and cost-effective but also precise and dependable for various applications, including diagnostics, biomolecule and nanomaterial detection, biomedical and environmental microsensing, advanced imaging, and energy generation.

The scientific breakthroughs involve cutting-edge concepts in optofluidics and the next wave of optofluidic tools that integrate photonics and optical control. Their research threads bear substantial relevance to both the academic community and industrial research and development. Leveraging recent advancements and aiming to take a leap forward, this COST Action serves as a pertinent platform for facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling the exchange of expertise, and exploring novel prospects derived from specialized insights and knowledge.

The Action will specifically address identified scientific challenges and will be structured around three key Working Groups:

WG1 – Fusion of microfluidic photonics (exploring new optofluidic concepts) WG2 – Application of optical control in microfluidics WG3 – Materials exploration (soft, bio, and nano) and the advancement of technologies for optofluidic devices.