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MPNS COST Action 1205
Advances in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics

European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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Department of Electrical Engineering

Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey


Research Topics:
microfluidics, bioMEMS/NEMS, multifunctional platforms for biomedicine,
microfluidics for structured materials and nanomaterials,
Novel approaches for integrated multifunctional lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical and sensor applications
Detection and manipulation techniques for biomolecules,
cells and microorganisms, Optical biosensors, imaging and spectroscopy
Techniques Available:
soft lithography, flow control and manipulation within microfluidic channels,
micro and nanoscale particle trapping and manipulation, biosensors based on optical resonances in microcavities,
fluorescent immunoassays based on imaging and spectroscopy, microdroplet generation, cell culture,
single molecule imaging, high resolution imaging, spectroscopy and sensing in microfluidic environment;
sorting, stretching, squeezing, trapping, mixing of emulsion droplets, particles and cells;
emulsion microdroplets in microfluidic channels as microresonators.
Request Expertise:
Novel materials for microfluidic chips and applications,
novel materials for reconfigurable and tunable optofluidic devices addressed to develop multifunctional lab on a chip systems,
Optical control in multifunctional platforms for biomedicine providing contactless diagnostics,
Rapid tunability of resonator devices

WG1: Integrated Microfluidic Photonics
WG2: Optical control in microfluidics
WG3: Materials (soft, bio and nano) and technologies for optofluidic devices

Project leaders

Melikhan Tanyeri
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