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MPNS COST Action 1205
Advances in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics

European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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Institute of Cybernetics

Italian National Research Council (CNR), Italy


Research Topics:
Micro/nano structuring of advanced materials for optofluidics.
High-resolution material printing.
Quantitative label-free imaging and 3D display.
Innovative dielectrophoretic approaches for sorting/patterning of particles and biological samples.
Laser interferometry with visible and infrared light.
Micro/nano structuring of ferroelectric and photorefractive crystals for application in photonics.
Quantitative phase-contrast microscopy in microfluidic devices.
Optical microdevices and instrumentations development based on LiNbO3
such as phase-array, point diffraction-interferometer, liquid/polymer microlenses.
Optical fiber sensors.
Techniques Available:
Digital holography for optical characterization of live cells, materials, components and devices.
High-resolution printing and patterning of liquid and polymers.
Ferroelectric crystal poling.
Holographic lithography.
Optical tweezers.
Request Expertise:
Integration of microfluidic devices with functionalized ferroelectric crystals.
Advanced holographic optical tweezers configurations.
Electro-hydrodynamic expertise in microfluidics.

WG1: Integrated Microfluidic Photonics
WG2: Optical control in microfluidics
WG3: Materials (soft, bio and nano) and technologies for optofluidic devices

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