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Advances in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics

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Research Position available at the University of Naples Federico II

A post-doc  position is available at the University of Naples Federico II. The position is funded for one year, but can be eventually extended for up to 2 years.

            The candidate will work on the project "Large Area Nanoplasmonic Surfaces For Sers And Ters Bio-Imaging Applications Using Block-Copolymer Templates".  This project is aimed to develop a new generation of SERS substrates able to provide high Raman enhancement, high reproducibility, high stability, large active area, easy and low cost fabrication procedures. These characteristics, together with the short-range probing character of SERS, should make our substrates ideal for  a series of biological applications, including the Raman imaging of the membrane of a single cell. Particularly, we intend to  apply our SERS substrates to a very challenging biotechnology problem: the protein-recognition present on the coat of Bacillus Subtilis spores, which are revealing as interesting vehicle for drug delivery.

ideal candidate  should have a strong  background  in spectroscopy  and a good  skill in  chemicals preparations. Moreover,  the ability in  building up new optical set-ups and/or in  cell/tissue biology is appreciated.

 How to apply:

Informal enquiries  may be addressed to Giulia Rusciano ( and to Antonio Sasso ( by June, 15th.

Please look at the website for further information

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