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Advances in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics

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Three Post-Doc Positions on Nanophotonics (Tampere University of Technology)

TUT presently has a number of postdoctoral openings in the general fields of Nanofabrication, Nonlinear Optics, Ultrafast Optics, and Optical Spectroscopy.

The appointments will be placed at the Optics Laboratory of the Department of Physics and/or the Optoelectronics Research Center.

The positions can be filled in the following areas:

This position involves the fabrication of nanostructured optical materials using various deposition and materials growth techniques and nanopatterning by e-beam/nanoimprint lithography and direct laser writing. This will be complemented by materials characterization using e.g. Raman, FTIR, optical spectroscopy, ellipsometry and XRD.

Nonlinear optical characterization:
This position involves the characterization of the linear and nonlinear optical properties of new materials, including nanostructures, surfaces, thin films, and bulk materials. The techniques to be used are based on optical spectroscopy, second- and third-harmonic generation, as well as nonlinear microscopy. The characterization tasks will be complemented by the further development of the measurement techniques.

Ultra-fast Optics:
The research will involve diverse topics ranging from the development of broadband sources in the UV and mid-IR, to the study of broadband optical pulses coherence, or nonlinear localization dynamics and noise amplification processes in optical fibers.

How to apply:

Applications must be submitted by TUT online application form. Please fill in the application form and upload your CV, list of publications, cover letter describing your motivation and scientific merits for the position. Closing date for applications is Monday, 31 March 2014 (at 10.00 pm GMT).

Further information available through the direct link to the announcement (see below)


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