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MPNS COST Action 1205
Advances in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics

European Cooperation in Science and Technology
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DTU Physics

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Project Title:

Optical stretching (with acoustophoretic prefocusing) of cells and biomimetic cellular systems – giant unilamellar vesicles and protein-bearing vesicles


We use optical trapping, in some cases combined with acoustophoretic prefocusing, to manipulate and stretch biomimetic systems of cells. Our focus is to investigate elastic properties of cells, and of biomimetic model systems.

Funding sources:

Carlsberg foundation (Danish private)

WG2: Optical control in microfluidics

Project leaders

Kirstine Berg-Sørensen

People involved in the project

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